Power of One Report - July 2020

Success in BNI is directly tied to the Five Key Fundamentals of BNI Success. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POWER OF ONE. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the BNI California Capital Region members who finished Green or Yellow in July 2020 (50 or more points). You are directly contributing to the health of your chapter and the profitability of your chapter members!

Power of One ReportEach Power of One element is scored out of a maximum of 20 points.

1. CEUs (One hour = One CEU). There are easily 6 CEUs for completing the online MSP. Goal: Four CEUs / month

2. Attendance. Goal: 100%

3. One-to-ones. Goal: Four one-to-ones / month

4. Referrals. Goal: Four referrals / month

5. Visitors. Goal: One visitor / month


Elk Grove Navigators Katie Ferguson
Katie Ferguson
Folsom Business Partners Claudia Franson
Claudia Franson
East Sacramento Professional Network Sam Alongi 90
Riverside Executives Chris Middleton 90
Extraordinaires Karyn BarthMoore 85
Folsom Business Partners Stacie Derencin 85
Foothill Connections Rich Iacovetta 85
Riverside Executives Rosehannah Hewitt 85
Arden Susan Wilson 80
Auburn Gold Country Prospectors Kitty Good 80
Mountain High BNI Carmen  Carr 80
Riverside Executives Sandra Swenson-Scott 80
Sactown Business Partners Amanda Ritchey 80
Tri-County BNI N Shannon Guzzo 80
Carmichael Entrepreneurs Sue Lomolino 75
Extraordinaires James Filippi 75
Folsom Business Partners Jim Kaspari 75
Folsom Business Partners Venice Sullivan 75
Foothill Connections Samantha Studebaker 75
Placer County ilene Martzen 75
Rocklin Founders Richard Strasser 75
Arden Chip Studley 70
East Sacramento Professional Network Frank Perri 70
Elk Grove Rock Stars Analyn Manlapaz Miller 70
Extraordinaires Laura Filice 70
Extraordinaires Michael Ewing 70
Folsom Business Partners Rick De La Rosa 70
Folsom Business Partners Rick Kraemer 70
Placer Business Network Vlad Tiskiy 70
Sacramento Mid-Town Deanna Myerson 70
Elk Grove Rock Stars John Schenkenberger 65
Elk Grove Rock Stars Melonie San Filippo 65
Foothill Connections Jeanette Haas 65
Foothill Connections Shara Langford 65
Riverside Executives Phyllis Lando 65
Carmichael Entrepreneurs Terrelle  Ballard Mitchell 60
Elk Grove Harvesters Diana Martinez 60
Elk Grove Harvesters Monica Patel 60
Elk Grove Navigators Ken Henderson 60
Elk Grove Rock Stars Brian Sytsma 60
Elk Grove Rock Stars Don Franklin 60
Elk Grove Rock Stars Don Hibbert 60
Extraordinaires Maribel Castro 60
Foothill Connections Joelle Collins Bohart 60
Foothill Connections Stefanie Thayer 60
Mountain High BNI Mateo Erlenbusch 60
On The Grid Ryan Little 60
Riverside Executives Melissa Broughton 60
Rocklin Founders Rena Bonesio 60
Sacramento Mid-Town Kristina Robinson 60
Sactown Business Partners Gagandeep Randhawa 60
Tri-County BNI Myriam Liberman 60
Tri-County BNI Terry Jensen 60
Elk Grove Harvesters Craig Burr 55
Elk Grove Harvesters Jim Hanson 55
Elk Grove Rock Stars Hieu Lam 55
Elk Grove Rock Stars Isabel Hocker 55
Extraordinaires Stacy Flascher 55
Fountains Executives Dennis Barnes 55
Mountain High BNI Cesar Lopez 55
Mountain High BNI Sheri Gerber 55
Placer Business Network Bryant Troupe 55
Placer Business Network Edward Burns 55
Placer Business Network Jeff Romero 55
Placer Business Network Matthew Von Bergen 55
Placer Business Network Steven Grizoffi 55
Sacramento Mid-Town Chris Gibson 55
Tri-County BNI Clint Herndon 55
Arden Hannah Shakin 50
Arden Heather Hunter 50
Arden Tami Fucci 50
Auburn Gold Country Prospectors Tina Reynolds 50
East Sacramento Professional Network Mike Brodovsky 50
Elk Grove Business Builders Ashlynn Mohan 50
Elk Grove Business Builders Karen Dunn 50
Elk Grove Harvesters Christopher Mendes 50
Elk Grove Navigators Chris Johnson 50
Elk Grove Navigators LauraJean Lawrence 50
Extraordinaires Brandon Lentine 50
Extraordinaires Nataliya Reznik 50
Extraordinaires Wairimu Kaggio 50
Foothill Connections Matt Saia 50
Fountains Executives Jason Habeeb 50
Galt Business Partners Kim Drago Rose 50
Gold River Chapter Jenny Barei 50
Gold River Chapter Lamar Simpson 50
Granite Bay Chapter Brian Souders 50
Mountain High BNI Meghan Behm 50
Placer Business Network Michael Collins MD, PhD 50
Riverside Executives Brian Bentzen 50
Riverside Executives Jim Beilgard 50
Rocklin Founders Garin Clyma 50
Rocklin Founders Rogelio "Gordo" Villavazo 50
Sacramento Mid-Town Chris Saizan 50
Tri-County BNI Amanda D. Berger 50
Tri-County BNI Ken Miller 50
Tri-County BNI Patricia Chelseth 50

Director Consultants and Ambassadors are bolded


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