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BNI California Capital's Mission is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional word-of-mouth program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals. If you have a testimonial you would like to appear on this page, please send an email with your testimonial included to [email protected]

Member Testimonials

  • About BNI

    "I am truly blessed and grateful to be where I am today. The majority of my success today is because of the last five years of setting up a foundation of clients, my network and personal growth. All of these things all are surrounded with my membership in BNI. Thank you for all you do for our community, local businesses, and the families that are part of it."
    Matthew Von Bergen - BNI Paver Business Network

    "I have been a member of a forming chapter for about 2½ months and have been amazed by what BNI has done for me in such a short time. I have met some great business minded people but more importantly they have already become friends who I am confident in sending referrals to. The other amazing thing is the referrals I have already received from my forming chapter members has been enough to cover my dues many times over and has led to other business as well. One of the best decisions I made for my business was to join BNI and trust that it would work and it has!"
    Matthew Brownell - BNI Capital City forming chapter
  • About BNI online:

    “So just a testament for BNI day being the most productive day of the week...not only did I make the same amount of money today that I would on a busy salon day without working, my house is clean from top to bottom, I paid every single April business and personal bill I have, and I made all my product deliveries I had to do. Just thought I would share that and almost every person in my chapter reached out to me to buy product or gift card or hoodie today...what an amazing group you introduced me to! Grateful for you and just wanted to share my daily success with you!!

    I so needed a day like today...honestly I woke up this morning like crying, what is even the point of doing BNI I can’t do hair but it’s just proof that the “ideal referral” is different every week and when you tell your people what you need they are there for you!” 
    Sarah Serbic - BNI On the Grid

    “This morning’s advanced 121 Zoom meeting reminded me to send you this overdue message of commendation. I am thoroughly impressed with BNI’s ability to quickly and effectively respond to the social distancing orders implemented around the planet. The rapid response with Zoom and training has been phenomenal. Well done!” 
    Cesar Lopez - Mountain High BNI
  • About  Advanced Member Success Program Training:
    “Just a thought I want to share with you. Not having the 1-2-1 advanced training is like a ball player not having cleats, a golfer without a sun visor or golf glove, or dressing up in formal attire with no accessories. In all cases you can do ok, but with cleats you can dig in deeper and be more effective, a golf glove will provide a better grip and most likely a better hit, a sun visor helps with visibility and ball placement and accessories can make your outfit pop creating a polished look! We all want to look our best and put our best foot forward. Can you tell I love analogies?
    I'm going to go back to my chapter and encourage everyone to take advantage of advanced MSP!”
    Claudia Franson - BNI Folsom Business Partners
  • About  Face to Face Leadership Team Training Sponsorship:
    "I chose to invest in my business by sponsoring at the September Leadership conference. Hosting a sponsor table provided these benefits:
    1. Two referrals from members of other chapters,
    2. Connection with another chapter’s landscaping company; we have scheduled a 1-2-1 to explore synergies and business opportunities between our companies,
    3. Meeting an architect and an arborist; we will have 1-2-1s to consider becoming a regional power team.
    In summary, the rewards of sponsoring: regional recognition, new business, and regional power team germination, far outweigh the price of sponsoring. Thank you for the opportunity."
    Sam Alongi - BNI East Sacramento Professional Network chapter
  • About Online Leadership Team Training:
    "Good leaders are good followers! There is always something new to learn or to be refreshed. The training was a good reminder for some general principles and an introduction to my new position. Growth comes through change/learning. Let's continue to grow BNI together!"
    Terrell Balard Mitchell - BNI Carmichael Entrepreneurs chapter

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